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Sally Ryder Brady

Dear Librarians,

Still floundering in sorrow after the sudden death of the love-of-my-life, I divulged, over lunch with a friend, secrets of my husband of forty-six years. Nineteen days after Upton's death, I found gay porn in his bedside table drawer, the tip of an iceberg of shame. My friend urged me to write this story, because, he said: "It's more common than you think though no one will talk about it, and your book will be of immense help to many people." The story spilled out fast, and less than a year later, was in production at St. Martin's Press.

The book is being released this February. What better way to honor Valentine's Day than with the glamour, danger, and unbridled passions, both glorious and wrenching, that make up this true story of enduring love?

I hope you agree.
Sally Ryder Brady
A Box of Darkness / Sally Ryder Brady / St. Martin's Press / Hardcover; 256 Pages
Price: $23.99 / ISBN: 978-0312654160 / Published: February, 2011
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