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Erin Brockovich

Dear Librarians,

HOT WATER takes place in the gray area of the nuclear energy debate. AJ Palladino is a staunch environmentalist who fears she's betraying her ideals by championing a nuclear plant that produces medical isotopes. Yet, this plant's goal is to save lives. How many people might die if she doesn't help?

There's also a more personal dilemma: the money she's offered to work with the nuclear plant is enough to save her family and ensure her son's future. Ideals seem a frivolous luxury compared to taking care of her child.

In HOT WATER, AJ is forced to make the kind of decisions each of us face everyday.

HOT WATER isn't really about nuclear power. It's about learning to make the tough choices, being willing to question the status quo, and finding the courage to change the world—even if it's just your small corner of it.

Hot Water / Erin Brockovich / Vanguard Press / Hardcover; 304 Pages

Price: $25.99 / ISBN: 978-1593156848 / Published: November, 2011
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