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The Only Child
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Christine Carbo

Dear Librarians,

Where I come from — the US's northern Continental Divide — anytime anyone mentions a grizzly encounter, all ears tune in. In THE WILD INSIDE, National Parks Service special agent Ted Systead must go to the last place he wants to be — the stunning, haunting Glacier National Park, where at age fourteen he witnessed his father being mauled and killed by a grizzly.

Twenty years later, Ted's search for a killer forces him to face the perilous, unforgiving intersection between man and nature.

THE WILD INSIDE is a Mystery Guild featured alternate selection for the month of July, and Publishers Weekly calls it an "evocative debut," that "paints a moving picture of complex, flawed people fighting to make their way in a wilderness where little is black or white, except the smoky chiaroscuro of the sweeping Montana sky."

Thank you,
Christine Carbo
The Wild Inside / Christine Carbo / Atria Books / Paperback

Price: $16.00 / ISBN: 978-1476775456 / Published: June, 2015
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