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Judith Choate

Dear Librarians,

This generous and handsome book—larded with delightful literary quotes about food—offers hungry readers a recipe to match almost any literary setting, utopia or dystopia included. The distinguished food writer Judith Choate reads almost as much as she cooks—and that's saying something. Here she offers readers—solo or as book group members—a way to amplify their understanding of the culture of a novel, memoir or poem. Her recipes appeal to multiple senses and are easy to make. Some are aimed at teatime while others are for cocktail hour. For each of her 17-plus regional tables, star entrees and wickedly "delicious asides" are also offered. Many are for transportable dishes, truly intended to be part of a moveable feast.

Judith Choate
A Reader's Cookbook / Judith Choate / Red Rock Press / Paperback; 256 Pages

Price: $29.95 / ISBN: 978-1933176345 / Published: November, 2010
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