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Maureen Hancock

Dear Librarians,

THE MEDIUM NEXT DOOR answers burning questions about what happens when we die. My journey will weave its way through my calling to help the sick and dying, assisting detectives with missing children cases, and the road to find balance as the medium mom. Throw in developing a television show around my life and you've got an interesting read that I hope will assist your readers to find ways to cope with life, death, and having a joyful life.

"Maureen Hancock is a gifted individual, but she's also a gift to the rest of us. Her wonderful book takes us inside the world of a true clairvoyant and sheds a cathartic light on some of life's great mysteries. I found her story to be inspirational, humorous, and beautifully written. Two words: highly recommended." — Bobby Farrelly, ( Director, Screenwriter )

Thank you for helping me to share my story.

Maureen Hancock
The Medium Next Door / Maureen Hancock / HCI / Paperback; 288 Pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-0757315640 / Published: April, 2011
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