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Ramsey Hootman

Dear Librarians,

When Robin Matheon's husband is killed in Afghanistan, her three-year-old latches on to her husband's best friend, Cyril — a 500-pound hacker who didn't even attend the funeral. He's also, Robin realizes, the one person who understands the magnitude of her loss.

And he knows far more about her husband's death than he's been letting on.

"Ramsey Hootman's trademark blend of humor and heart shines in SURVIVING CYRIL." —The author of Courting Greta (one of Library Journal's Best Books of 2013).

Ramsey Hootman
Surviving Cyril / Ramsey Hootman / Ramsey Hootman / Paperback

Price: $13.99 / ISBN: 978-0998807003 / Published: April, 2017
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