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Dan Josefson

Dear Librarians,

Two-time failed suicide Benjamin, deemed broken by his parents, is entrusted, for fixing, to The Roaring Orchards School for Troubled Teens and Aubrey, the unhinged headmaster, whose unorthodox (at best) philosophy turns the campus into a delinquent-filled free-for-all—one that Benjamin can't wait to escape, or bear to lose. I have been humbled by praise from David Foster Wallace, Jim Shepard, and a Starred LJ review, but I know it is often your recommendation that will get my book into a reader's hands. Thank you. I would be delighted to hear any comments you have via Goodreads or at

Dan Josefson
That's Not A Feeling / Dan Josefson / Soho Press / Paperback; 358 Pages

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-1616951887 / Published: October, 2012
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