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Tobsha Learner

Dear Librarians,

YEARN, nine tales of lust and longing — from a Sydney sculptor who summons a lover through an act of artistic creation, to a Californian call centre worker living through her dominatrix Second Life persona — is the third in my erotic collection.

"The clay mask was so realistic that even resting flat it was if the man himself might be lying on the table. All that was missing was the flushed skin tone and blood pulsing under that thin epidermis. Jennifer glanced down then kissed it. Hot mouth on cold."

"Learner evokes an erotically charged version of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, in which magic instantly fits into the world of each story, and has a reason to exist and something to say to the protagonists." TREMBLE starred review, Publishers Weekly.

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Tobsha Learner
Yearn / Tobsha Learner / Plume / Paperback

Price: $16.00 / ISBN: 978-0142180389 / Published: December, 2013
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