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The Vengeance of Mothers
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The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko
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Pamela Martin & Carl Henegan

Dear Librarians,

After recently graduating from College, Pamela Graham, heir to the Graham publishing empire, sets off to fulfill a humanitarian goal of volunteering at a Russian orphanage. When Pamela impulsively takes one of the children out of the country to avoid an otherwise grim future, she inadvertently sets in motion a series of dark events.

A gripping saga of covert government action, classism, and modern espionage, HARD WHISPERS runs at full speed with a spellbinding intensity that dances on the edge of reality.

Pamela Martin & Carl Henegan
Hard Whispers / Pamela Martin & Carl Henegan / Live Oak Press / Paperback; 248 pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1936909049 / Published: June, 2011
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