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Janet McAdams

Dear Librarians,

Imagine being absent in your own life. Imagine how an unresolved mystery could keep you from committing to anything—a marriage, a culture, an identity. When Neva Greene was fifteen, her parents disappeared. She thought they would soon return for her, but it's been over a decade.

Discovering a long-overlooked clue to their disappearance, Neva follows their trail to Central America. As violence and unrest grow around her, Neva meets a man whose tenderness toward her seems to contradict his shadowy political connections.  

Thank you for your interest in RED WEATHER (and thank you for the work you do—my mother and my sister are both librarians!). To win a copy and a small piece of beadwork by Muscogee Creek artist Susan Howard Sapronetti, email me at

Happy reading!
Red Weather / Janet McAdams / University of Arizona Press / Paperback; 192 Pages
Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-0816520350 / Published: April, 2012
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