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James V. O'Connor

Dear Librarians,

By nature, we can be attracted to someone other than our spouse. But what do we do if the feelings are mutual and strong? In ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE, happily married home organizer Ted McCormick struggles to resist the charm and flirtations of a divorced client in need of a decent man. Will he surrender? Another client has him searching for riches allegedly hidden in a mysterious Victorian mansion. Something—or someone—is in the house getting in his way. The two plots intersect and have surprise endings, one so compelling it makes national news.

This mystery-romance is about fidelity and temptation, generosity and greed, and relationship issues experienced by ordinary couples and families. Unlike traditional romances that enter the mind of a female protagonist, readers understand the feelings, emotional conflicts, and repressed passions of a man.

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James V. O'Connor
Another Man's Treasure / James V. O'Connor / Post Mortem Press / Paperback; 294 Pages
Price: $15.00 / ISBN: 978-0615516523 / Published: August, 2011
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