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Regina O'Melveny

Dear Librarians,

The fourteenth-century Italian poet Petrarch, once wrote:

No land now, no air
is constant for me.
Because I dwell nowhere,
I'm a pilgrim everywhere.

Gabriella Mondini, a rare woman doctor in sixteenth-century Venice, understands this all too well when the Doctor's Guild, citing lack of a male patron, expels her after her father's disappearance. She journeys across Europe to find him, following clues in Renaissance medical lore and his enigmatic letters that lead her to mysterious cures of body and spirit.

THE BOOK OF MADNESS AND CURES, an Indie Next selection and one of six best historical novels listed by NPR for 2012, was described by Kathleen Kent as "A marvelous, inventive story of a singular courageous woman...."

Regina O'Melveny
The Book of Madness and Cures / Regina O'Melveny / Back Bay Books / Paperback

Price: $15.00 / ISBN: 978-0316195812 / Published: June, 2013
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