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Ilie Ruby

Dear Librarians,

As a child, I questioned the patriarchal power structure in an old selkie folksong I played on my guitar. Years later, in THE SALT GOD'S DAUGHTER I re-imagined the myth as a feminist folktale in which fiercely protective sisters Ruthie and Dolly run wild at night, meeting a man who walks out of the sea. When Ruthie's daughter is born with one webbed foot, she must question whether blood is thicker than water.

Here is an enchanting and lyrical story in which mothers and daughters transcend the difficulties of growing up female and find a strength and connection that survives the ages.

THE SALT GOD'S DAUGHTER was a Library Journal Editor's Pick at BEA 2012, and was called, "a bewitching tale of lives entangled," by Kirkus Reviews.

Thank you,
Ilie Ruby
The Salt God's Daughter / Ilie Ruby / Soft Skull Press / Hardcover; 352 Pages

Price: $25.00 / ISBN: 978-1619020023 / Published: September, 2012
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