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Allan Topol

Dear Librarians,

In THE SPANISH REVENGE, the follow-up to The China Gambit, Craig Page, the daring director of the European Counterterrorism Agency, is tasked with halting a nefarious plot to bring war upon the Christian world.  When Ahmed Sadi, an Islamic fanatic, adopts the name and mission of martyred medieval Muslim General Musa Ben Abdil, he seeks retribution for the expulsion of Muslims from Southern Spain 500 years ago.  Sadi is joined by China Gambit villain General Zhou, who killed Craig's daughter. 

With the good-looking and resourceful reporter, Elizabeth Crowder, at his side, Craig races from Morocco to Madrid, Paris and to the Vatican to thwart a blow against Christianity and Western Europe.

This is a smart, exhilarating ride into the dark heart of an ancient conflict which explodes into the 21st century.  It is an intricate tale of deadly revenge.

Allan Topol
The Spanish Revenge / Allan Topol / Vantage Point / Paperback; 432 Pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1936467563 / Published: September, 2012
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