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Ian Walkley

Dear Librarians,

Kirkus Reviews said of NO REMORSE: "Walkley's beefy prose and rousing action sequences deliver a thriller to satisfy any adrenaline addict."

While it is primarily a plot-driven romp, the novel also considers a number of topical themes, from slavery to corruption in the global financial system, terrorism, and the illegal arms trade. The story follows Lee McCloud, an ex-soldier, and Tally, a female computer geek, in the search for two teenage girls kidnapped in Mexico, who find themselves caught up in a global conspiracy.

I wrote the book for people who are usually too busy to read to enjoy. It's not deep, just thoroughly entertaining. Both male and female readers who like action thrillers will enjoy it.

The book has been compared to the novels of Child, Clancy, Flynn, DeMille, Silva, Ludlum, Baldacci, and Crais.

I'm giving librarians the chance to win one of five copies of NO REMORSE during May - write me at

Ian Walkley
No Remorse / Ian Walkley / Marq Books / Paperback: 412 pages
Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0980806601 / Published: January, 2012
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