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Worth Killing For
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Blood and Oil
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Minerva Taylor
The Silent Woman
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Terry Lynn Thomas

Suzanne Joinson

Dear Reader,

English missionaries Eva, Elizabeth and Millicent travel to the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar in 1923 to establish a mission in the heart of the desert. As Millicent's leadership grows more forceful in response to the political tensions they encounter, it becomes clear that Evangeline's reasons for leaving the restrictions of English society behind are not at all straightforward.

Meanwhile, in the present day, who has drawn Arabic script and illustrations of beautiful birds on the wall outside Frieda's house and why is there a stone, all the way from the Gobi desert, found in a bedroom in London?

I have ten copies of A LADY CYCLIST'S GUIDE TO KASHGAR to give away. Email to win!

Suzanne Joinson