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Willa of the Wood
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Robert Beatty
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Someone New
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Anne Sibley O'Brien
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Beth Fine

Dear Reader,

Reared in Texas, I had adventures galore: riding horses all summer, wading in the bayou behind our neighborhood, and reading books from the library. At age nine, I wrote a book about a rambunctious tomboy who disappeared one rainy day. Searchers found her raft stuck in a nearby river, a horse bridle floating, and a sandal on the bank. My teacher read the book in class. The kids liked it because they knew my experiences had built the story. That's a secret authors know!

When grown, I moved around, gained new experiences, and gradually began creating a mystery series called The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple. Since a picaresque requires an adventurous journey full of honorable deeds and roguish characters, I made Ímagine a teacher-turned detective. Ima (her nickname) had to be tough and smart enough to travel the world and fight off rascals thwarting her investigations.

After finishing a few Imasodes (Ima + Episode), I still needed a place to start. While living in Canada, I heard about the Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland. It offered the perfect kickoff! Visit my website to see maps and summaries of Ima's travels plus to enter the contest for a signed copy.

Beth Fine

The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple / Beth Fine / Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Price: $21.99 / ISBN: 978-1621478829 / Published: March, 2013

Ages 10+ / YA Fiction