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How To Be An Earthling
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Lisa Harkrader
(Ages 6-9)
Abraham Lincoln, Pro Wrestler
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Steve Sheinkin
(Ages 7-10)

Liana Gardner

Dear Reader,

The idea for 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION arrived in a Tweet linking to an article about a classroom module on the Revolutionary War. The teachers had told the 7th Grade they had won a bloodless war and now had to make the policies and govern the school. I loved the idea and thought it helped make history relevant. A little secret: I have always learned more about history from stories than I have from textbooks. On reading the article, my head exploded with ideas of a NATIONAL TREASURE type of quest only conducted by the 7th Grade. I reached out to the school and worked with the teacher who developed the idea so I could keep the beginning as true as I could to the actual classroom experience.

The result is a story inspired by an actual classroom experience, steeped in history, yet pits the 7th Grade against the FBI in a race including secret tunnels and a hidden cavern to find a Revolutionary War artifact of national importance which has been hidden in their school.

Join me on a wild ride in 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION.

Exclusive Contest: I am having a contest with a grand prize of a signed copy of 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION and a runner-up prize of a deck of 7TH GRADE REVOLUTION themed playing cards. To enter, visit or Email for a chance to win.

Happy Reading!
Liana Gardner

7th Grade Revolution / Liana Gardner / Vesuvian Books

Price: $12.99 / ISBN: 978-1944109462 / Published: October, 2017

Ages: 9-12 / Middle Grade Fiction