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Willa of the Wood
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Someone New
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Anne Sibley O'Brien
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Elissa Brent Weissman

Dear Reader,

When Nerd Camp came out in 2011, it wasn't yet cool to be a nerd; at least not for Gabe, who hides the geeky details of his summer from his cool stepbrother, Zack. I'll admit Zack was mostly there to drive Gabe's conflict. I was shocked to hear readers loved Zack; they wanted to see more of him.

For NERD CAMP 2.0, I knew Zack couldn't stay backstage. This summer, he's at his own camp — which ends up sharing a campgrounds with Gabe and the geeks. With that setup, the conflict built naturally. But a nerd like me writing from Zack's cool perspective? That was a challenge.

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"Along with authors like Andrew Clements and Julie Bowe, Weissman has established herself as an author who tells the stories of real-life, relatable kids, defying stereotypes and sharing experiences that are the kind of everyday drama that readers will identify with." —
Nerd Camp 2.0 / Elissa Brent Weissman / Atheneum Books

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1442452947 / Published: May, 2014

Ages 8-12 / Middle Grade Fiction