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Every Time We Say Goodbye
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Natalie Jenner
Happily Ever Maybe
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Carrie Ann Ryan

Maral Boyadjian

Dear Librarians,

Before Hitler, there were the Pashas! As the granddaughter of genocide survivors, I use their memories to paint a timeless love story.

Slide back to 1913 and late summer in the Ottoman Empire. The sun rises, full and golden, atop a lush, centuries-old village. The sound of voices carries past the grapevine while the village leader's youngest daughter slips out unseen, breaking ancient courtship rules, never suspecting the upheaval that will soon envelop their land and their hearts.

Maral Boyadjian
As the Poppies Bloomed / Maral Boyadjian / Salor Press / Paperback
Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-0991124107 / Published: January, 2015
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