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Amy Weinland Daughters

Dear Librarians,

Do you ever get the sinking feeling that we really are living in a culture of divisiveness that's beyond repair? If so — have you ever considered that the hope we all so desperately need may be sitting right next to us, or waiting across town, or even at the other end of a screen?

DEAR DANA is a story of connecting, relationships, unity, grief, and love — most of which was conducted via the U.S. Mail. Foreword Reviews calls it "an inspirational memoir about caring for friends near and far by reviving a lost art."

Are you ready for an infusion of hope?

Amy Weinland Daughters
Dear Dana / Amy Weinland Daughters / She Writes Press / Paperback
Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1647429003 / Published: May, 2022
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