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Richard Grossman

Dear Librarians,

Newly revised and updated, THE ANIMALS has been described as an environmental bible, guiding readers to a higher understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Consisting of 400 poems, this spiritual and philosophical guide is set in a mythical "field" where a shepherd engages in a series of discussions on a wide range of issues, both practical and mystical, with his flock of 200 different creatures ranging from an amoeba to a whale. Additionally, each animal tells its own intimate story in its own unique voice to the assembled group.

"THE ANIMALS is a consummate performance. The objective of voicing the aspirations of the planet ... demands that this book be considered in the company of other works by Chaucer, Dante, Milton, Blake, Whitman, and Williams." —James Bertolino

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Richard Grossman
The Animals / Richard Grossman / American Letters Press / Paperback; 424 Pages
Price: $22.95 / ISBN: 978-0984649709 / Published: October, 2011
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