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Visions of Flesh and Blood
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D.E. Johnson

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Detroit is a tough city now, but it was no bargain in 1912 either, particularly for someone stuck in the middle of a mob war.

The Gianolla gang is waging a shotgun war with the Adamos for control of the rackets, and they want Will Anderson's help. Motivation isn't a problem—Vito Adamo was an accomplice in the murder of Will's friend, and the Gianollas have sworn to kill Will's loved ones if he doesn't set Adamo up.

But the Gianollas want more—a lot more—and Will can't deliver.

Based on real-life events, MOTOR CITY SHAKEDOWN continues the series started with the award-winning The Detroit Electric Scheme, one of Booklist's Ten Best First Crime Novels of 2010.

Publishers Weekly gave MOTOR CITY SHAKEDOWN a starred review, calling it "vibrant" with "razor sharp depictions of the Motor City," and said it was "a worthy successor to his debut."

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D.E. Johnson
Motor City Shakedown / D.E. Johnson / Minotaur Books / Hardcover; 352 Pages
Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 978-0312644574 / Published: September, 2011
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