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Dear Librarians,

Volunteering with Houston relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, I carried water to evacuees in FEMA lines. The 106 degree afternoons were thick with humidity and heartbreak. A New Orleans police officer grimly told me, "This is great for con artists and media people."

This story hit me like a renegade bus.

A puff piece reporter stumbles on the story of a con artist using chaos as cover for murder. She enlists the help of a firebrand environmentalist obsessed with mega-storms, and a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds amidst polarized politics and high-strung Southern families.

I wanted to put human faces on this massive disaster, weaving in the elegant science of megastorms and the actual, mind-blowing emails to and from bollixed FEMA officials.

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The Hurricane Lover / Joni Rodgers / Stella Link / Kindle Edition
Price: $3.99 / ISBN: 978-0983339243 / Published: November, 2011
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