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John Smolens

Dear Librarians,

My new novel QUARANTINE is set in 1796, when a trading ship brings a deadly fever to Newburyport, Massachusetts. The ensuing quarantine results in lawlessness, religious fanaticism, and black market activities as the seaport struggles to survive an invisible malady.

"John Smolens is that rare and gifted writer who can capture both our exterior and interior worlds with equal dexterity, grace and power." —Andre Dubus III.

"...a profound knowledge of human behavior gone awry." —Jim Harrison.

My last book THE SCHOOLMASTER'S DAUGHTER also out in PB.

Quarantine / John Smolens / Pegasus / Hardcover; 336 Pages
Price: $25.95 / ISBN: 978-1605984186 / Published: September, 2012
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