Keeping You By Aurora Rose Reynolds        
Keeping You
Meet the author
Aurora Rose Reynolds

Shea Vaughn

Dear Librarians,

"I'm grateful my mom took the time to share her passion in this book; her work ethic and optimism have always inspired me." -Actor Vince Vaughn

As a fitness expert and wellness coach with a lifetime of mind-body experience and the founder of SheaNetics®, a revolutionary wellness-awakening lifestyle practice, I created a book based on real life experiences that could teach readers how to shoo away stress and fill every corner of their lives with wellness. My readers will see how a SheaNetics® lifestyle with its Five Living Principles of Well-Being power Breakthroughs can help them get in shape, feel great and naturally make life-healthy choices.

BREAKTHROUGH teaches how to be in the moment and inspire positive mind-body transformations that enrich life by anyone who will Embrace It, Own It, Live It ® ...!

I hope you enjoy my book,

Be happy, be well, be inspired
Shea Vaughn's Breakthrough / Shea Vaughn / HCI / Paperback; 240 Pages
Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-0757315930 / Published: October, 2011
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