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Sarah Albee

Dear Librarian:

If you were to play a word-association game, chances are "rollicking fun!" is not something that would pop into your head when someone says "history book." Well, I hope POOP HAPPENED! will change a few readers' minds about history. Aimed at kids 8 and up, POOP explores how societies from ancient times to the present day have had to confront the vexing problem of what to do with their "waste."

The premise of the book is that the improper disposal of human waste has led to very bad consequences, namely, wars, disease, insect trouble, plagues, high infant mortality, heavy alcohol consumption, shortened stature, shortened life spans, cave-ins, explosions, asphyxiation, peasant revolts, and collapsed empires.

To say nothing of extremely smelly city streets.

Here's the trailer!

I LOVE visiting libraries! To arrange a visit, or for a chance to win a signed copy, email

Heaps of best wishes,
Sarah Albee

The fluid writing style ensnares and holds readers' attention from beginning to end. By bringing history alive, this captivating work is without a doubt an essential purchase. School Library Journal

Poop Happened! / Sarah Albee / Walker Books

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-0802720771 / Published: May, 2010

Ages 5 - 9/ upper middle grade, non fiction

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