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Laurie Halse Anderson

Dear Librarian:

I packed INDEPENDENT DAMES with history, humor and "Huzzahs!" DAMES looks at the American Revolution from a different angle; through the activities of dozens of women and girls who actively helped the Patriot cause.

I dug into the archives and found dozens of women and girls who fought for freedom. They spied on the British, rescued Patriot prisoners-of-war, acted as scouts for the frontier troops, ran their husbands' farms and businesses, took care of injured soldiers, defended their homes, and, occasionally, fought on battlefields - even though that was against the law.

The stories of these dames are told in a bold voice and aptly illustrated by the irreverent and delightful Matt Faulkner. Copious back matter, timelines, bibliography, index, and additional sources make this a must-have for all libraries and schools.

But most of all? I want you to read it for your own enjoyment, so you can be proud of our INDEPENDENT DAMES, too.

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Bookishly yours,
Laurie Halse Anderson

Independent Dames / Laurie Halse Anderson / Simon & Schuster

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0689858086 / Published: June 2008

Ages 6 - 12

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