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Christine Brodien-Jones

Dear Librarian:

Have you ever felt afraid or alone? Ever kept a secret too dangerous to tell?

Max Unger, hero of THE OWL KEEPER, has always loved the night. But the forest is dangerous now, his gran is gone, and Max feels alone and afraid. He misses Gran's stories about the silver owls. And he has a secret.

Writing THE OWL KEEPER was full of surprises. I watched Max's life turn upside-down after he meets a mysterious girl named Rose. When dark forces threaten them, Max realizes he has to get brave again—not easy for a timid boy who's allergic to the sun. Max and Rose flee into the forest, pursued by loathsome creatures, risking their lives to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

So I followed them in. I hope you will too!

Thanks for getting my book into the hands of young readers!

I'm giving away signed copies of THE OWL KEEPER picked at random. Click the "contact me" link on my website,

Enjoy the adventure!
Christine Brodien-Jones

p.s. I've adopted a rescue owl! See a picture of it on my blog:
Adopt a rescue owl:

The Owl Keeper / Christine Brodien-Jones / Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-0385738149 / Published: April 2010

Ages 10 & up / Middle-grade/YA

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