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Christine Bronstein

Dear Librarians,

STEWIE BOOM! STARTS SCHOOL came about when one of my children was born with an above-average disregard for authority. Needless to say, he had more than a little trouble adjusting to school.

I learned that parents of the 3.5 million children who enter kindergarten every year are not always aware of the importance of their role in a smooth transition, so I created this book to help.

The 48-page book is divided into two parts. Firstly, a fun story about Stewie BOOM! — a loud, sometimes cranky, funny boy — who has a very bad day at school and how he and his family overcome his problem. Secondly, there is a parent tips section in the back of the book. The parent tips section includes concrete tips for parents from our interviews with two renowned child and education specialists. Studies have shown that transition practices, such as those we┬árecommend, significantly┬áimprove a child's academic achievement well beyond kindergarten.

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Christine Bronstein
Stewie BOOM! Starts School / Christine Bronstein / Nothing But The Truth Publishing

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-0988375499 / Published: August, 2015

Ages 3-7 / Picture book
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