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M. Scott Carter

Dear Librarian:

Having worked in a public library, I know how hard librarians, like you, work to find stories that will speak to teens, especially teens going through rough times. That's why I wrote my debut young adult novel, STEALING KEVIN'S HEART.

Alex Anderson is sixteen, and he's not fighting vampires or zombies. No the demons Alex battles are the kind that only life can throw at you, and they were unleashed by the death of his best friend in a freak motorcycle crash.

That accident left Alex angry and borderline suicidal.

You might not like Alex at first—he's a mad, mouthy kid when our story starts. But by the story's end, I hope Alex, the misfits who come to his rescue, and, yes, our heroine will have won you over.

I have autographed copies of the book for five librarians who e-mail — and bookmarks for any librarian who would like them for their patrons. Just use the e-mail to tell us how many you need.  

M. Scott Carter

Stealing Kevin's Heart / M. Scott Carter / The RoadRunner Press

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1937054052 / Published: October, 2011

Ages 12+ / Young Adult Fiction

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