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Sarwat Chadda

Dear Librarian:

DARK GODDESS, the sequel to my book Devil's Kiss, is about nature hitting back. Imagine if the planet had a guardian who decided the best way to save the Earth would be to remove the species that's destroying it.


We think the bad guys, the monsters and nightmares, are out there. DARK GODDESS is about the Beast Within. I wanted the reader to question who the real bad guys are. They're not always the ones with the fangs and claws. It's about facing up with the monster inside us, and discovering maybe, just maybe, the monster we need to face is the one in the mirror.

Billi, my hero, has to deal with knowing that she may be on the wrong side. She must ally herself with murderous criminals, accept a mission to kill an innocent child, all for the 'greater good'. But to do anything else may lead to mankind's annihilation.

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Dark Goddess / Sarwat Chadda / Hyperion

Price: $17.99 / ISBN: 978-1423127598 / Published: January, 2011

Ages 13+ / YA

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