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Glenn Dakin

Dear Librarian:

My story, CANDLE MAN, is a page-turning thriller, with a touch of modern day super-heroics. To be frank, people get melted. But there is friendship too, laughter, mystery and illumination. I believe it will draw in readers at that age where they usually put down their books and goof off to watch TV. USA Today placed it at the top of their list of children's books for Christmas. 'Unique in a world full of copycats' is how the Desert News (SLC) described it. I am especially proud of that, as originality means a lot to me. I think it opens the mind and stirs the imagination, in a way that formulaic imitations never do. I have written it in a timeless style, aiming at a realm somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. I think it will enthrall readers and then point curious minds outwards towards a wider world of classic storytelling.

Glenn Dakin

Candle Man: Book One / Glenn Dakin / EgmontUSA

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1606840153 / Published: September, 2009

Ages 10 and up / Juvenile Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

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