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Barbara deRubertis

Dear Librarian:

For me the best thing about being a librarian is helping children develop a lifelong enthusiasm for words and ideas. The primary audience for my latest series, Animal Antics A to Z, is 3- to 5-year-olds. The books are meant to be read aloud, but youngsters ages 6 to 8 will also enjoy reading them with help or independently.

The stories are lighthearted, whimsical and humorous. Each of the series' 26 books focuses on a single letter sound (phoneme). The last page in every book has fun facts about the real animal that is the star of the book and includes activities to stimulate children's curiosity. I wrote this series in the hope that youngsters will delight in discovering the sounds that make up words, just as I hope they will delight in following the zany antics of the 26 kids in Alpha Betty's class.

Best regards,
Barbara deRubertis

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Alexander Anteater's Amazing Act / Barbara DeRubertis / Kane Press

Price: $22.60 / ISBN: 978-1575653044 / Published: January, 2010

Ages 3-8 / Library Bound / Picture book

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