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Robert L. Forbes

Dear Librarian:

I had a great time at ALA meeting so many of you and hearing about your search for good material for your libraries.

Allow me to introduce my new book, LET'S HAVE A BITE!, a collection of poems about some quirky, unexpected and lovable imaginary friends. Ronald Searle, who did the drawings for Beastly Feasts!, is back with me and at the top of his form, with dazzling details and colors. Plus, in each picture is a mouse to be found, a delightful way to get the youngsters (and the young in spirit) involved.

These are rhymed read-aloud poems, the sort my mom used to read to me and my siblings. This book is about imagination, language, and the joy and wonder of life. I hope you'll agree it's ideal for your readers.

I'll be traveling to the Orange County and Miami Book Fairs, and maybe your area, too....Want a sneak peek at the book? Email me at for a taste.

Robert L. Forbes

Let's Have a Bite! / Robert L. Forbes / Overlook

Price: $19.95 / ISBN: 978-1590204092 / Published: September, 2010

Ages 4-8 / Poetry;Picture book;Anthology

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