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T.J. Garrison

Dear Librarian:

Treasure has been the lure of many, we all dream of it at one time or another. Its quest helped discover the New World. In the islands and especially the Bahamas, original sites still exist on land and below the waves that make one feel as if stepping onto your own movie set, becoming immersed in cultures rich in both myth and historical fact. It is within this "immersionary" backdrop that my novel, THREASURES OF THE LOST KNIGHT, was written. It's a tale of trouble, family and mystical riches to take YOU, the reader, on an adventure of surprising possibilities.

By incorporating fresh twists on forgotten lore and actual historical places, I wish not only to primarily entertain, but also to open the eyes of youth to the discoveries of other cultures, history and the wonders they can offer. Touching on family issues while overcoming obstacles in the quest, both hero and reader may ponder what is their own true treasure.

An interesting afterward of facts and how they were used in the creation of my novel is provided.

"When fate shipwrecks your life, hunt for the treasure."

Thank you,
T.J. Garrison

Treasures of the Lost Knight / T.J. Garrison / BookBaby

Price: $2.99 / ISBN: 978-1620955833 / Published: April, 2012

Ages 12+ / Young adult

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