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Catherine Greenman

Dear Librarian:

I had many notions about romantic love as a teenager. I assumed that when I found "the one," we would eventually get married, have children and live out our days passionately and in perfect harmony. Whatever unfulfilled longings I had, love would answer all.

Many moons later, I got married, had four children and low and behold, a few of those unfulfilled longings are still hanging around! I realized my relationship with "the one" was nothing like I imagined it was going to be. That I would never feel perfectly loved. It was a hard lesson (and sometimes still is!) and it's what compelled me to write HOOKED.

Thea Galehouse has survived her parents' divorce with her romantic ideals firmly in tact. When she finds herself pregnant at seventeen by Will, with whom she's madly in love, she puts college on hold and convinces him to take the road neither of them had planned to take.

While she has no regrets, Thea loses and gains a lot along the way.

HOOKED is ultimately a story about owning up to decisions, even in the face of crushing disappointment.

HOOKED is also a story about families. Thea's decision to keep the baby provokes disappointment and wrath from her and Will's parents.

But as she and Will navigate the challenges of parenthood, Thea gains some understanding into her own flawed mother and father. We all want the best for our children, but we also make a ton of mistakes! This is one of the many realities Thea comes face to face with after her relationship with Will implodes and she turns to her father for help.

Thanks for reading! I'm available for call-ins on Skype with book clubs. Email me at

Catherine Greenman

Hooked / Catherine Greenman / Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0385740081 / Published: August, 2011

Ages 14+ / Hardcover

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