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Chantal Grosleziat

Dear Librarian:

Check out what's going on in your local daycare!  That's the moral of this story.  But first I need to say that the original publication of  SONGS FROM THE BOABAB came out in France ten years ago and was an instant hit — 100 000+ copies sold. I could see that the book/cd was getting positive press and winning some of the most prestigious book prizes and so I bought a copy while in Paris. I arrived home in Montreal that Friday, just in time to pick up our daughter at daycare.  As I walked in, I noticed there was African music playing in the background... and shortly after, one of the staffers bolted straight towards me, waving the Baobab album, asking if I knew about it.  A friend of his from Lyon had recently sent him a copy.   He proceeded in pitching me the project saying the kids love it and that he had been playing it all week.

On our way home, I began thinking about whom I needed to contact in France the following week.   God I miss that daycare!

Email to enter to win a copy.

Roland Stringer
Publisher, Secret Mountain

Songs from the Boabab / Chantal Grosleziat / Secret Mountain

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-2923163796 / Published: October, 2011

Ages 3-8 / Picture Book Anthology with CD

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