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Eleanor Hawken

Dear Librarian:

Like you I'm passionate about unlocking the power of stories and getting children — especially the reluctant ones — to read.

I love stories that capture a reader's imagination, and I write in a fun, accessible way that appeals to both girls and boys. My books are bursting with crazy creatures and sassy jokes, but at their core they have a very warm heart.

In SAMMY FERAL'S DIARIES OF WEIRD twelve year old Sammy works at a zoo that's home to some very unusual animals. Each book takes the reader on a hilarious and thrilling adventure, and Sammy must work with his family and friends to battle fearsome creatures and protect the things he cares about.

I'm available for Skype sessions and web chats to talk about the things that inspire my creativity and how readers can ignite that spark and be creative too!

Enter to win a signed copy by emailing me at We'll be giving away copies to winners selected at random.

Peace, love and stories,


Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird / Eleanor Hawken / Quercus US

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-1623650322 / Published: September, 2013

Ages 8-12 / Middle-grade Fiction

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