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Kate Hayes

Dear Librarian:

Why do you need another poop book in your library? There are some cute potty training books out there. But I couldn't find one that explained the biology of poop in a way that preschoolers could understand.

I wrote ALL ABOUT POOP to answer my kids' perpetual poop questions: How our bodies make it, how to use the potty, where poop goes after we flush, and why we wash our hands!

I also wanted to make ALL ABOUT POOP fun to read. It rhymes and is filled with funny surprises. Brenna Vaughan's illustrations are quirky and captivating. The book is perfect for preschoolers, but entertaining for big kids too!

There is a free companion Parent and Educator's Guide available on I'm also giving away five free signed copies. Please email Pinwheel Books ( with your name and address for a chance to win!

Sincerely Yours,

Kate Hayes

All About Poop / Kate Hayes / Pinwheel Books

Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-0985424800 / Published: September, 2012

Ages 3-8 / Picture Book

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