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Deborah Hopkinson

Dear Librarian:

At presentations in schools and libraries, I love showing old photos to kids.

"Does this person look boring?" I ask.


But then we dig in, exploring stories about amazing people I've written about in books like Apples to Oregon, Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek, and Stagecoach Sal.

My newest, THE HUMBLEBEE HUNTER, Inspired by the Life and Experiments of Charles Darwin and His Children, is about asking questions.

I wanted to show Darwin at home, a devoted dad who shared his curiosity and love of nature with his family. The Darwin kids grew up asking How? What? Why?

I hope you'll be inspired to try the Darwin family's "Great Bee Experiment" yourself. Simply count how many flowers a bumblebee visits in a single minute.

Send me results at and get a chance to win a copy of THE HUMBLEBEE HUNTER. I'll post answers at

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Deborah Hopkinson

The Humblebee Hunter / Deborah Hopkinson / Disney-Hyperion

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1423113560 / Published: February, 2010

Ages 4-8 / Historical Fiction Picture Book

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