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Daniel Landes

Dear Librarian:

When I was a boy I loved reading stories of great quests and adventures. I always wanted to grow up to be the hero of those tales, but I wasn't cut out for swashbuckling. Joonie Rabbit is a different sort of hero. He is a lone rabbit, abandoned by his trace, destined to become the great Runner. Joonie has to learn patience, and the power of breathing in order to subvert his instincts and become a leader.

I wrote this book with boys in mind. Boys who crave adventure, but also wisdom, boys who are not your typical hero.

Set in the Colorado Rockies, JOONIE AND THE GREAT HARBINGER STAMPEDE is an adventure novel with the philosophical heart of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Join the adventure at or email me at and be entered to win a signed copy!

In Peace,
Daniel Landes

Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede / Daniel Landes / Sakura Publishing

Price: $11.99 / ISBN: 978-0984678549 / Published: October, 2012

Ages 14+ / YA Novel

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