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Jerel Law

Dear Librarian:

I'm not sure I should tell you this about myself, but here goes: I am NOT normal!

But can I tell you a little secret I know about you, too? You aren't normal either! Neither are your students. Isn't that what makes people...and stories...interesting, though? I like tales about seemingly ordinary kids who end up finding out that they are pretty EXTRA-ordinary.

Like thirteen-year old Jonah Stone, in my book SPIRIT FIGHTER. His secret? He's part angel! When his powers and those of his eleven-year old sister, Eliza begin to develop, they find themselves thrown in the middle of a battle between Good and Evil. It's up to them to decide to either be normal or to use their special gifts and save the day.

Check out for more on SPIRIT FIGHTER. And please email for a chance to win an autographed copy of SPIRIT FIGHTER. Winners are randomly selected.

Jerel Law

Spirit Fighter / Jerel Law / Thomas Nelson

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1400318438 / Published: April, 2012

Ages 7-12 / Middle Grade Fiction

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