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Jason Lethcoe

Dear Librarian:

Writers aren't supposed to have favorites among their books. We're supposed to love them as we do our children, equally and without holding one in special regard above the others.

But after writing four book series for middle grade readers, one of which was turned into a Hollywood film, I've broken that long-standing rule and have chosen a favorite.

My "No Place Like Holmes" series combines elements from my first great literary loves: Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown. And it is with great pleasure I introduce the latest in that series, THE FUTURE DOOR.

It is my hope that the love I have for writing the adventures of young Griffin Sharpe and his curmudgeonly uncle, (Sherlock Holmes' next door neighbor), inspires young boys to pick up these books and discovery the joy of reading as I did at their age.

  To win one of five free copies of both book 1 & 2 in this series, email your name and mailing address to Thanks and good luck!

Thank you,
Jason Lethcoe

The Future Door / Jason Lethcoe / Thomas Nelson

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1400317301 / Published: December, 2011

Ages 8-12/ Middle-grade fiction

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