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Hugh Lupton

Dear Librarian:

My one rule is to tell stories that I really like. The stories in The Adventures of Odysseus are mysterious, exciting and moving...a doorway into the big questions we spend our lives pondering. These soldier's adventures were told over 3,000 years ago and they're still as relevant as ever. The Greek gods and goddesses are force-fields for the emotions that drive us all.

Myths inhabit a sort of hyper-reality, they are everyday and magical at the same time. That excited me when I was a boy, and still does.

I've seen how children respond to the illustrated chapter book of Odysseus and the ways it fires their imaginations, along with those of their parents and teachers. Click here to learn more about Odysseus. Send a note to for a chance to win a signed copy.

Happy reading!

The Adventures of Odysseus / Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden / Barefoot Books

Price: $12.99 / ISBN: 978-1846864476 / Published: September, 2010

Ages 8 & up / Illustrated chapter book

Hugh Lupton is one of our featured authors this week. Click here to view his reader comments and feel free to use them in your newsletters.

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