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Shari Maurer

Dear Librarian:

A few years ago I was watching a television program on heart transplants. My husband, a cardiologist, and one of his patients were featured on the show. But I also noticed a young girl who was waiting for a heart. She was wheeled into the operating room, her face a mixture of fear, excitement and worry—not knowing if this was a new beginning or if she would die.

This girl haunted me. I started to wonder what it would be like if she was a teen. And an athlete. I couldn't stop thinking about it and thus, Emmi and CHANGE OF HEART were born.

Emmi's great life is interrupted when she gets sick and finds she needs a new heart. How do you live waiting for the phone call that will save your life and still try to keep up with your friendships, schoolwork and life in high school? And how do you hope for someone to die, so you can live?

CHANGE OF HEART is a fabulous book club book—particularly for Mother/Daughter book clubs—as we watch Emmi's relationship with her mother evolve.

I'm giving away signed copies of CHANGE OF HEART. To enter, e-mail me at And you can also contact me about coming to your library—either in person if you are in the NY area or via telephone or Skype.

I hope you enjoy CHANGE OF HEART.
Shari Mauer

Change of Heart / Shari Maurer / WestSide Books

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1934813362 / Published: June, 2010

Ages 13+ / YA

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