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John Dreamer
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Saving Baby Doe
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PT McHugh

Dear Librarian:

Magical instruments that allow time travel. The fate of the world, and time itself. A madman seeking to use it all for his own evil purposes.

And one fourteen-year-old boy, who must gather his friends, jump to Medieval England, and set things right, if he's to save the world. Will Jason Evans learn what he needs to know in time? Will he be able to stop his nemesis, and save the world?

Or will he fail, and take the world — and all its residents — with him?

KEEPER is filled with adventure, mystery, and friendship, with (more than) a hint of time travel thrown in for good measure. It's designed to get kids interested in history, which is very important to me, and show them that history can be even more dramatic than reality. Visit us at and enter to win a signed copy!

P.T. McHugh

Keeper of the Black Stones / PT McHugh / Glass House Press

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-0981676807 / Published: February, 2013

Ages 12-17 / Paperback / YA

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