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Ken McMurtry

Dear Librarian:

There has always been quite a bit of mystery around the idea of zombies. Maybe that's because many of us are unfamiliar with voodoo culture; that is unless you've spent a lot of time in Haiti or New Orleans. I was intrigued by the parallel culture, so I did some research. The more I learned about black magic, the living dead and bokars, the more excited I became.

In ZOMBIE PENPAL, the reader will learn their first zombie lesson just a few pages in the book: Zombies can get you into a lot of trouble if you don't watch out. Fortunately, the reader has two friends who help them make the right decisions, or so they hope. They mustn't forget the old zombie expression "three brains are better than one." If their friends fall through they can always rely on their long lost pen pal, or can they?

I hope your readers have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it but remind them they best be careful, because one never knows what evil lurks around the corner...

Email for your chance to win a free autographed copy of ZOMBIE PENPAL.

All my best,
Ken McMurty

The Zombie Penpal / Ken McMurtry / Choose Your Own Adventure

Price: $6.99 / ISBN: 978-1933390345 / Published: May, 2010

Ages 7-12 / Paperback / CYOA

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