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Mona Ombogo

Dear Librarian:

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to go to the library. Books.... Reading... Brought me alive because I could visit whichever world I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I made friends with talking bears, candy coated trees, enchanted woods, other kids just like me who didn't quite fit in. Without books, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.

It's no wonder I became a writer... and more so, for the younger adults because I know how impressionable we are at that age. My book, SOULFIRE, is a fantasy about a young prince whose world of metal and stone is about to invaded by love and magic.

It's about change and daring to move beyond our boundaries and discover new things.

Books always helped me do that... My hopes are that SOULFIRE, would be a friend and companion and a magical adventure that will take young minds to fresh places.

WIN A COPY of SOULFIRE. How? Enter to win via my website Or simply write me at or and tell me three things that you love the most about fantasy.

Here is to sharing the worlds we love...


Soulfire / Mona Ombogo / Netherworld Books

Price: $13.89 / ISBN: 978-1909224285 / Published: December, 2012

Ages 9+ / YA Fantasy

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