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Kathleen T. Pelley

Dear Librarian:

As a little girl, growing up in Scotland, I fell in love with stories before I could read or write, by listening to the children's Story Hour on the BBC. Today I continue to share that passion for words, not just by writing stories, but also by reading aloud to children at an inner city elementary school.

My latest picture book, RAJ THE BOOKSTORE TIGER, is a story that celebrates the power of reading aloud. Raj, a marmalade kitty cat, who is convinced that he is a tiger, begins to doubt himself when a visiting cat mocks his "tigerness." Fortunately, his owner, Felicity Fotheringham, a lover of words and books, knows just the right poem to read aloud to Raj, "Tyger! Tyger! burning bright..."

Contest: For a chance to win a free signed book, email me at with your favorite snippet of a poem (be sure to include your mailing address). I will post all entries at, and winners will be chosen at random.

Kathleen Pelley

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"Adult books maintain lives, children's books change lives." Jane Yolen

To all the Felicity Fotheringhams who open books to young readers (and tigers) and "change lives"...thank you.

"Nice nourishment for the blossoming bookworm." Kirkus

Raj the Bookstore Tiger / Kathleen T. Pelley / Charlesbridge

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-1580892308 / Published: February, 2011

Ages 4-8 / Picture book Fiction

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